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I Have A Life. It's Just Virtual.

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You know who deserves some more credit?

Narcissa Black Malfoy.

She’s the youngest of three sisters in a family that is teaching her to hate. She’s raised to hate everyone who isn’t a “pureblood,” and she watches her older sister be removed from the family just for following her heart. She’s raised and taught that there’s only one way to do things. All she really cares about is her family. She knows that something isn’t right about their ideals, but what is she going to do? Run off and follow her sister, when she doesn’t really know whether she’s right? And besides, she loves her family, no matter how angry and prejudiced and crazy they are. She loves her oldest sister, no matter how fanatical she is. (Bellatrix is a woman who only cares about her leader and her cause, but she cares enough about her little sister to follow her and try to stop her from doing something that could make Voldemort angry.) So Narcissa stays by her family and does the “proper” thing- she marries a pureblood, a Death Eater. She watches as her husband’s loyalty to Voldemort cause his fall, and then watches as her only son starts to follow him down the same path. She slowly starts to realize that maybe not everything that her family taught her was true. And then she finds herself at a battle. Her family is ruined. Voldemort no longer holds them in the same regard as he did before the war. They’ve failed too many times. She watches as Harry walks up and lets himself die to spare the people he cares about. When Voldemort orders her to check if Harry is dead, she goes to the boy lying in the dirt and checks on him. She does so gently- he is, after all, a boy the same age as her son. He’s a boy who cared so much about his “family” that he was willing to die for them, a sentiment that she is familiar with. When she realizes that Harry is alive, that she can feel is heart beating, she doesn’t know what to do. She knows that she can only get to the castle, can only find her son, if the boy in front of her is dead. So she asks, ever so quietly, if Draco is alive. And Harry tells her “yes,” and she knows what must happen. So she stands up, faces the devil, and calmly lies to his face. And he believes her, because he does not understand love. He does not understand that someone would lie if it gave them the opportunity to do something to save their family. So she lies, and Voldemort is defeated, and the sister that led her to the dark side is killed. She gets her family back- they’re safe, and they no longer have a dark shadow hanging over them. She is a mother who, like so many others in this series, risks everything for her family, and I don’t think she gets enough credit for it.

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