I Have A Life. It's Just Virtual.

I Have A Life. It's Just Virtual.




when you have nothing against a particular celebrity but their prominence on tumblr makes you want to blacklist them until the end of time

#I am not a benevolent god.

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"It’s not a prison! Prisons don’t have wi-fi!"

“Really?  No rushing off to plot the overthrow of the Thatcher regime?  No gathering with the other former radicals to stuff rags into wine bottles?”

Twenty rubber bands, a mop handle, six plastic bags, a busted calculator, one mechanical pencil, and two tubes of cinnamon flavored toothpaste later, the floppy-haired Doctor put away his sonic screwdriver and declared the trap ready and set.

"He’s just been sick down my back, hasn’t he?"

He forced the cloud of lust surrounding him to crystallise and shatter.


Sure, keep telling yourself that.”

She smiled in relief to see her friend only a few feet away, albeit slightly insubstantial - since she herself was glowing, she supposed that someone looking a bit like a ghost wasn’t entirely a problem here.

"What’s the exit plan?"

"The exit plan… is to exit."

"Well, at least I now have conclusive evidence that you are in fact related to Tucker."

#f: the ultimate unholy trilogy
#Just. Omfg.


I love these shows, but by God they have a lot of problems.

#Taylor Swift
#Oh my god thank you.
The idea that Taylor Swift is teaching her preteen fans to focus their lives only on chasing boys is completely false. She is actually a fantastic example of a strong, professionally-independent woman: she writes all her own songs, she’s smart, she’s creative, and she is completely unashamed to be who she is. We need to remember that being girly or wanting to find romantic love does not make a young woman weak or somehow inferior.

#Dorm Move In 2014
I can’t tell if that’s the cunning Slytherin part of your brain or the rational Ravenclaw part. Or both. Probably both.

I was thinking it’s the jackass part but both of those are also good.

#Dorm Move In 2014

The thing about when I pack for college is that I’m not allowed to lift anything heavier than ten pounds, so whenever I pack something there’s a part of me that wants to just keep putting more in so that I don’t have to carry it.

#Dorm Move In 2014
Same! Last year all my books were packed way before anything else, they had their own suitcase actually!

To be honest we should all be impressed that I’ve packed ANYTHING four days in advanced.

At least I’m not the only one with these priorities.

#Dorm Move In 2014
It says that all of your priorities are in the right place.

Things I currently have packed:

Things I do not currently have packed:

#College Adventures
#Dorm Move In 2014
#The right piles I haven't read yet
#The left piles I am doing a reread of.

What does it say about me when this is the first group of things I bother to pack.

#Marvel Cinematic Universe
#Too many to tag.
#I didn't include Frigga because I was really only focusing on the major ones/ones who will be in it in the future.
#Even though I don't know if we'll ever see this version of Ross again?
#We'll see.

We might need more women in the MCU but at least the ones we have are quality.