I Have A Life. It's Just Virtual.

I Have A Life. It's Just Virtual.

#I am not a benevolent god.
A good writer with a sad idea and a malicious side is a person to fear.
Me. Cause it’s true. (via demisexualsammy)


The Weather Channel app says that there’s “LIGHT rain with thunder” meanwhile outside it is POURING with thunder and REALLY SERIOUS LIGHTNING.

Come on, guys.

#s: somebody save me
#c: maybe I'm not the person you think I am

Who am I?

#f: a supposed fresh start
#b: animal farm
#c: I need to do better

Definitely the best version of Snow White ever to exist.

#Once Upon A Time
#The Savior

I wonder if Emma ever looks around at some of the residents of Storybrooke and realizes she was almost raised by these people. Like Charming and Snow almost taught her sword fighting and archery and how to tell right from wrong, the dwarves were almost her uncles who seem gruff at times but adore her and would do anything for her, Red was almost the aunt who would tell her stories about how much trouble her mom used to get into (and still does), Granny was almost the adoptive grandmother/babysitter who taught her how to use a crossbow but would never admit so to her parents.

These people are her friends, sure, but they could’ve been- and SHOULD’VE been -her family for her entire life, but they never got the chance.

#The Lego Movie
#Benny the Spaceman

#f: a supposed fresh start
#b: legends in exile
#c: I need to do better

People keep giving Snow crap for the Glamour rules but like what exactly is she supposed to do because if normal people started seeing monsters in New York, all of the Fables, monster- or animal-type included, would be screwed.

#f: DCCU
#I just want MoS 2 to be MoS 2 with time for Clark to be Clark and hang out with Lois and be a reporter.
#You know actually be the person he really is
#not spend the entire movie punching things.
#That's not actually who he is as a character.
#But instead we get Superman wandering around bickering with fricking Batman.
#And don't even get me started on how tired I am of Batman.

Idk I still kind of feel like DC is going about this whole thing the wrong way. Like I get it you’re playing catch up with Marvel but with Marvel the major players all got individual movies (hell Iron Man had two) or at least they showed up in movies (Nat and Clint) before the team up movie while with DC it’s like “yeah Man Of Steel 2 is going to be called Batman v Superman and also Wonder Woman will be around somewhere, probably being kidnapped or some shit because her name isn’t in the title” and that means that it’s not Man Of Steel 2 at all in the slightest stop acting like it is because it’s not it’s Pre-Justice League: The Movie because it took you too long to try to make actually decent and connected movies and now you still aren’t doing that you’re just shoving as many characters in as possible in a flailing panic because Marvel is kicking your ass.

#s: somebody save me
#OTP: Being a hero's wife means never accepting defeat
#S10 Lazarus

#Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.
#Ming Na Wen
Ming Na in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. gag reel (x)